Network Player kit includes Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 carrier board.
  • Audiophile grade aluminum enclosure kit.
    Builtin CM3MB1 carrier board for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3/3+.
  • Note) CM3/3+ module is not included in this kit. Buy separetely.
  • Low noise and low EMI 3.3V/1.8V onboard regulators bring high-fidirity sound.
  • Onboard LAN9514 and 40P GPIO pin header bring full compatibility with Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+.
  • Three status LED(Power, Acess, Shutdown) and POWER-ON/SHUTDOWN push button sw.
  • DC+5V Power Adapter is not bundlled. Buy DC+5V/3A Power Adapter separetely.
  • MSPR US$399.0(not include CM3,microSD,shipping fee and tax)

Product Features

High quality aluminum enclosure kit for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3/3+.

The enclosure shuts down static and electrical noise,blocks both external and internal EMI radiation. Listen noise-free fine MUSIC.

Power-ON/Shutdown push button and Status LED.

RAL-NWT01 provides user-friendly functions like an general audio device. Simply push Power switch button, then OS starts automatically. And cuts Power automatically after Shutdown/Poweroff command issued by OS.
Three status LEDs indicate Power on state, media(eMMC or microSD) access state and shutdown(power off) is in process.

Fully compatible LAN port and four USB-A port with Raspberry Pi 3B/B+

Onboard LAN9514 chip provides full compatibility with Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+. Additional device driver and configuration and setup process are not required.

Two USB-A ports are located at front, another two are located at rear. These four USB-A ports are fully compliant to USB-I/F design rule and have indipendent Bus_Power protector,EMI filiter and surge protector.
LAN RJ-45 port has status LED and LED-ON-OFF setting to suppress EMI noise.

Space available to store SATA SSD

The open space is available to store SATA SSD storage with USB to SATA bridge. Optional tray for SSD,HS-USB to SATA bridge and 12V Power supply for SATA Bridge/SSD are sold separately.
Use SSD for stable local storage to store MUSIC.

Add local HDMI® display.

RAL-NWT01K has HDMI® port which support full-HD resolution. It's very usefull for stand alone Network Player application to display playlistand album-art.

microUSB OTG for writing OS to CM onboard eMMC

microUSB OTG port enables writing CM3/3+ onboard eMMC FLASH memory. You can write Raspberry Pi OS,Volumio or MoodeAudio.

DC+5V +/-5% power source is requireed, Onboard 3.3V,1.8V regulators provide high-quality power to CM3/3+.

The DC jack spec. is 5.5_Outer - 2.1_innner, internal + and outside is GND. It is suitable to the popular and standard plugs.

Connectors Layout.

RAL-KCM3MB1 has usefull IO connectors at both edge and headers for mode setting.
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