Sampling Rate Converter board for Raspberry Pi.
  • S/PDIF Converter board for Raspberry Pi I2S output.
  • Onboard TI(BB) SRC4392 Sampling Rate Converter and onboard master clock modules
    make accurate S/PDIF and I2S digital Audio output.
  • Accept 192kHz/24bit LPCM I2S format Digital Audio signal from Raspberry Pi.
  • S/PDIF coaxial,optical and 3.3V CMOS output.
  • Makes jitter less and noise free resampled I2S output signal with master clock.
  • Supports input-to-Output Sampling Frequencies up to 192kHz.
    Avilable upsampling from 44.1kHz to 192kHz.
  • Two indipendent X-tal module, 24.576MHz and 22.5792MHz for Audio Clock
  • Onboard Low Noise Linear regulators provide 1.8V and 3.3V to SRC4392 Core and IO
  • I2C control input to control SRC4392 registers and select Master Clock.
  • Digital isolators for I2S input and I2C cut Power/GND loop and noise from Raspberry Pi.
  • MSRP US$98.0(not include shipping fee and import tax)

Product Features

High quality Audio Sampling Rate Converter board
for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+.

Onborad TI SRC4392 chip accepts I2S signal from Raspberry Pi and converts to accurate S/PDIF output and clean I2S output signal with masterclock for DAC. Listen and enjoy jitter-free fine MUSIC.

RAL-SRC4392P provides user-friendly connector layout and mounting holes.

Easy-to-use connector layout provides easy installation into Audio equipment enclosure or stacking on Raspberry Pi 3B.

Three independent S/PDif output

RAL-SRC4392P has three different type S/PDif output.
One is Coaxtial output(RCA Jack) isolated with Digital Isolation trans.
Second one is a Optical(Toslink) transmitter.
Last one is 3.3V CMOS digital signal and Digital Isolation trans secondary winding for external terminal.
AES 3.3V CMOS output is also avilable at CN4_connector.

RAL-SRC4392P block diagram

  • I2S input and I2C interface from/to Raspberry Pi 3 GPIO_40P are isolated.
  • Onboard two independent X-tal osc-modeles provide accurate Audio clocks 24.576MHz and 22.5792MHz.
  • SRC4393 onchip encorders provide jitter less and noise free S/PDIF and I2S output signal.
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