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USB to Serial Convertor - USB type-C
  • Connect RS232C serial devices such as barcode scanner, magnetic card reader with serial interface via this converter.
  • - USB60F is a USB to serial converter.
    - Up to 230.4Kbps data transfer rate.
    - Standard USB (type-C Male) connector.
    - Virtual COM port driver USB60F can be used with FTDI's VCP drivers to provide a COM port on a PC.
    - Power/Transmit/Receive LED indicators
    - Bus powered. no need external power supply

Product Features

USB60FC is a USB to serial converter.

This product is an RS232C conversion adapter suitable for connecting to devices equipped with USB Type-C such as Windows laptop computers and tablets.


USB60FC Connect image

Standard USB (type-C Male) connector.

Easy to connect PC.
Equipped with the USB type-C Male connector that can be connected directly to the USB port of PC.

USB61 Connect image USB61 Connect image

Power/Transmit/Receive LED indicators.

for monitoring communication status.

Power supply for USB60F use the bus power from the USB port.
If the power from USB bus is properly supplied 5V, PWR LED will be on.

PWR : Power LED
TXD : Transmit data indicator (Host to Device)
RXD : Receive data indicator (Device to Host)

Easy to detect for the data flow.

USB61 Connect image

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