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CO2,VOC,PM2.5,UV and RH/T Environmental Sensor
  • RS-WFEVS1 measures seven air quality indicators such as CO2,VOC,PM,UV and
    three environmental parameters such as atomosphere,humidity,temperature every minute
    and send those values to cloud every five minutes.
    Smartphone APP,AQM2(Air Quality Monitor 2) enables to check these realtime values anytime.
    AQM2 downloads these data,show table and graphs and provide some guidelines.
    RS-WFEVS1 is very usefull to avoid 'Three Cs' and prevent COVID-19 infection.
    It supporst WiFi 802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz) and WPA3/WPA2/WPA-Personal.
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Product Features
- Includes SENSIRION PASence(TM) sensor and measure seven Air Quarity indicators.
- Supports WiFi 2,4GHz 802.11b/g/n.
- Measures seven indicator values every minute and upload them in CSV file to cloud every five minutes.
- Powerful and user-friendly Smartphone application AQM2. Get it free at Apple Store or Googl Play.
- AQM2 shows tables,graphs and charts of realtime and stored values on the cloud.
- AQM2 notices High CO2 consentration and shows the guideline to avoid 'Three Cs'.
- LEDs on the top panel indicates Air Quaility everttime.
- Compatible with Smart Speakers,amzon ecoh,Google Nest/Home etc..

Check CO2 concentration,avoid the 'Three Cs' and keep your social distance!

wfevs1 guideline image

Avoid the 'Three Cs' to prevent COVID-19 infection.
1. Closed spaces with poor ventilation.
2. Crowded places with many people nearby.
3. Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations.
(Refer Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare web site.)

Get CO2 concentration level with Smartphone app. AQM2(Air Quality Monitor 2).

Smartphone app. AQM2 communicates with RS-WFEVS1,get realtime data,
shows chart and graph and indicates CO2 Level by color dot.

CO2 Alart message.

Monitors Air Quality and send advisory of ventilation to Smartphone.

RS-WFEVS1 issues the warning to request ventilations
when CO2 concentration or other air quality indicators exceeds the preset value.

CO2 Alart message.

Air Quality Status indicator LEDs

Select indicator for CO2,PM2.5 or VOC by AQM2 Smartphone app.
The bar code LEDs indicate the concentration(polusion) level of selected indicator with bar length and color.
These LEDs light up Orange or Red when CO2 concentration exceeds 1,000ppm to request ventilations.
direct control image

Check current Air Quality and time series status.

Get realtime value by flicking indicator on the table. Select indicator by tapping on the graph. You can check the air quality anytime and anywhere.

direct control image

AQM2 Air Quality Monitor advises Confortable Environment and Air Conditioning.

The Environment Advisor(AI) of AQM2 diagnoses Air Quality,shows Environment zone chart and notify a ventilation or air conditioner setting.
The AI notifies the advisory of Heat illness or bad condition for Rheumatism.

direct control image

Save values on the cloud everyday.

These values can be downloaded in CSV format.
Note**) The downloaded data includes values until the day before downloaded.
Does not includes values mesured on the current day.
Smoothly program design.

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